Dairy farmer: On our farm, we have great concern for our cows' environmental conditions. We have recently made impro...

nivensdc on February 23, 2020

What is rage difference between B and E?

Can you explain the difference between B and E?

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shunhe on February 24, 2020

Hi @nivensDC,

Thanks for the question! (B) tells us that farming practices can help improve living conditions of farm animals, and so is linking the well-being of animals to farming practices. (E) is linking maximizing of profits for dairy farmers (and not the wellbeing of animals) to having a concern for dairy cow’s environment, which isn’t quite the same as (B). In addition, (E) states that this concern is “the key” to maximizing profits on a dairy farm, which is strong language that the stimulus doesn’t use.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any further questions that you might have.