The passage most strongly suggests that the author holds which one of the following views?

shafieiava on February 23, 2020

Answer choice D

Can someone explain why answer choice D is incorrect? I had a hard time choosing between D and E. Thanks in advance.

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Victoria on February 25, 2020

Hi @shafieiava,

Happy to help!

Answer choice (D) is incorrect because it is more of a fact than a view held by the author. Since computer technologies are relatively recent, the volume of media degradation has only recently become a concern for archivists. The rapid rate at which media will degrade means that archivists will have to distinguish what is dispensable from what is essential. This is more of a statement of fact than a view held by this particular author.

Answer choice (E) is correct because it is a viewpoint. The author would base this view off of the fact that archivists will increasingly have to distinguish what is dispensable from what is essential. Therefore, the author could argue that these value judgments (i.e. determining what is essential and what is not) will influence how future generations view and understand the past as different combinations of saved information will lead to different inferences/conclusions.

Hope this is helpful! Please let us know if you have any further questions.