Of the many test pilots who have flown the new plane, none has found it difficult to operate. So it is unlikely that ...

nivensdc on February 24, 2020

Why is C wrong?

Can you explain why C is wrong?

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shunhe on February 25, 2020

Hi @nivensdc,

Thanks for the question! (C) is very close to the reasoning in the stimulus, but the problem here is that it’s too specific. In the premise, we have “many” test pilots who have flown the plane; in (C), we’re told only about two specific reviewers who enjoyed the novel. In addition, in (C), a conclusion is made about a review of the book from reviewers who enjoyed the novel; however, we don’t know for sure that the person who wrote the review for the book in next Sunday’s newspaper falls into that group, so there might be two different groups here. Recall also that on the LSAT, we’re looking for the best answer, and it is clear that (D) is a better answer than (C) and matches the stimulus better.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.