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Talley on February 26, 2020

Example 8

I don't understand why the answer in C is any better than B. The explanation in the video that "The Akabe don't wake and bake" does not sufficiently explain why it is a better choice than B.

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SamA on February 27, 2020

Hello @Talley,

The conclusion is the author's explanation of why the Akabe drink a small amount of tea.

Explanation: This is because high caffeine intake would destroy the surefootedness that their daily tasks require.

We want to weaken this explanation. In other words, we want to show that caffeine is not the reason for only drinking a small amount. I also thought about B for a while, trying to make the argument that they wouldn't drink a highly caffeinated beverage before sleeping. This is wrong for two reasons.

1. It has been confirmed that the tea is extraordinarily high in caffeine. This is an established premise, and we do not dispute premises. The fact that they drink it at night does not contradict the fact that it is highly caffeinated.
2. Like Mehran mentioned with the Coke example, we should not assume that they wouldn't drink a caffeinated beverage before bed.

C is a better answer because it presents an alternate cause. They drink a small amount not because of the caffeine, but because it contains a different drug. This could just as easily affect surefootedness.

odsimkins on March 3, 2020

I had the cause as high caffeine intake and the effect as destroys sure-footedness that tasks require. Is this wrong? It's different than what's in the video.