If Ned is the runner representing J, then it must be true that

VPH on February 26, 2020

Game setup and Question explanation

Hello guys. I was able to get all the answers right, except for Q23. However I spent an inordinate amount of time replying this game. Could you please explain how to diagram this game more efficiently and also explain why E is not the correct answer for Q. 23? Thanks!

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SamA on February 27, 2020

Hello @VPH,

This is a multi-linear game, so I created two rows, one for runners and one for charities.

C: _ _ _ _ _
R: _ _ _ _ _

Then, I went through the rules and built my diagram.
1. K will be the charity of the lane 4 runner.
C: _ _ _ K _
R: _ _ _ _ _

2. Patricia is in the only lane between the charities of F and G.
I see only two possibilities here, so I am going to create two diagrams. I am guessing that you didn't make this inference, and it is going to save you a ton of time.

C: _ _ F/G K F/G
R: _ _ _ P _

C: F/G _ F/G K _
R: _ P _ _ _

3. There are two lanes between Olivia and the G charity. This solves the F/G uncertainty I had in my previous diagrams.

C: H/J H/J F K G
R: L/N O S/ P S/

C: G H/J F K H/J
R: L/N P S/ O S/

In each diagram, I now have only H and J charities remaining.

4. Sonja is assigned to a higher numbered lane than Ned. We only have S, N, and L runners to place. S cannot be first.

This is my basic setup. I hope the formatting is ok, I did my best to make it legible. It should work on an iPad or a horizontal phone.

You asked about question 23.
In what lane could Ned represent J?

In diagram 1, it would have to be lane 1. This forces H into lane 2, which is why B is the correct answer. In this case, O would represent H, which is why E is incorrect.

In diagram 2, it is not possible for Ned to represent J. N can't be in lane 5 because he has to be before S.