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Curator on February 27, 2020

Words have meaning

Each= every one of, considered individually or one by one What discourages residents from participation in local politics?= The reduction of the chance for a particular act of resident participation to elicit a positive official response. What effects the chance for a particular act to elicit positive response?= The isolation of the local politician from their electorate. What results in isolation?= The coverage by the news media +/ The secrecy of local political business. EACH Secrecy results in isolation AND Coverage results in isolation. They are equally supported But which of this has weight over the other? If you change the thoroughness of the media coverage but not the secrecy of local political business it will result in no improvement. You can't report on what's not there to support. If you change the secrecy of the local political business it will immediately improve for that cause. It will also result in an improvement of the media coverage without changing the effort level exerted by the media. There will be more reported with the application of the same level of thoroughness as before simply because it is no longer secreted away. The strength of the support is found in how the elements affect each other. The change in secrecy is supported more strongly than the news coverage because it affects the isolation of the politician more than the coverage by news media does.

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Ravi on February 27, 2020

@Curator, did you have a question on this problem? Let us know, and we'll be happy to help!