Experienced gardeners advise against planting snap peas after late April because peas do not develop properly in warm...

Quy on February 27 at 03:01PM


Why C is not a correct one?

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on February 27 at 06:11PM

Hello @blackberry18051995@gmail.com,

I approach parallel reasoning questions by removing the specifics of the argument.

A general rule is established. An exception to the rule is presented. The rule will likely not apply in this case.

Which answer choice matches this format? B.
General rule: African violets don't thrive in sunlight, so they should be placed in north-facing windows
Exception: These south-facing windows are shaded by trees.
Conclusion: The african violets should grow properly in this case.

Answer choice C begins with a general rule. It also has the exception of maple trees, so I see why you were tempted by this answer. However, B is better because it has the positive result similar to the stimulus. The peas and the violets are likely to succeed, contrary to the general rule.