The reaction described in which one of the following scenarios is most analogous to the reaction of the art critics m...

amf on March 2, 2020

What is incorrect about B?

Thanks for the help

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SamA on March 2, 2020

Hello @amf,

What led to the embarrassment of art critics on line 13? They loved the painting that they believed to be a Vermeer original. When van Meegeren confessed that it was a forgery, the critics were embarrassed and the painting was taken out of the Rotterdam museum.

Answer choice B does not contain the element of mistaken identity. The little-known painter mentioned in the answer choice is who they believed him to be. The fact that he lived more recently doesn't change this fact.

C is a better choice. The food is like the forged painting, in that they were both heavily praised. This praise was given under the assumption that the master chef (Vermeer) cooked the food. Then the diners found out that the food was not made by the master chef. They stopped praising the food (took it out of the museum).