If Londi sits immediately next to Neri, which one of the following statements must be false?

Ziena on March 2 at 06:49PM

why is C correct?

can you help me diagram this

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on March 2 at 07:04PM

Hello @hatemz,

For some reason I am unable to see the question that you have commented on. Will you direct me to the prep test or lesson where you found it? I'll be happy to help.

on April 14 at 06:53PM

June 1991, Section 2 (Logic Games), Question 6. Could you diagram this?

Phung Ha on April 18 at 04:46PM

Hey this is my explanation and hopefully it's helpful for you.
I draw the diagram as a circle like this:
6 2
5 3
We have L sits immediately next to N, and the number of the chair doesn't really matter in this question so I put L and N into 1 and 2. The rules said N gotta sit next to P so number 3 is P. Answer C said P sits next to O so number 4 is O. We only have K and M left and according to the rules, K and M can't sit next to each other. So answer C is impossible, which is our correct answer.