Principle: When none of the fully qualified candidates for a new position at Arvue Corporation currently works for th...

amf on March 4, 2020

Why not c

Why could this answer not also be c? Because even if krall works for the company, he could still not be fully qualified because it doesn't say anything about that.

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SamA on March 4, 2020

Hello @amf,

When we are asked to justify the application of a principle, we need to be certain that the principle applies. This is why E is the correct answer. It leaves no room for uncertainty. First, it says that no candidate works for Arvue. So, the second part of the principle must be used: The most productive candidate should be hired. E says that Delacruz would be the most productive, so this matches our application. Delacruz should be hired over Krall.

You actually pointed out the problem with C. You are correct, we do not know if Krall is fully qualified or not. Therefore, we cannot say for certain that our principle applies. This is the type of uncertainty that I am talking about.