If the optometrist is next to the shoe store, the businesses immediately on either side of this pair must be

David on March 5, 2020

Game setup

Hello! Could you also please provide a game set-up with deductions for this game? Thank again :)

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Shunhe on March 5, 2020

Hi @DavidW,

Thanks for the question! So this seems to be a pretty basic linear game. We know that there are 7 consecutive spaces 1 to 7, and our players are O, P, R1, R2, S, T, and V.

First, we know that P is at one end, and one of the Rs is at the other. We also know that the two restaurants are separated by at least two spaces, and P has to be next to O or V. So we can set up two possible scenarios right now:

P O/V _ _ _ _ _ R

R _ _ _ _ _ O/V P

and then we know that T and V can’t be next to each other, which we would just note to the side. That should be about as many deductions as we can make on this game.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any further questions that you might have.