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Amanda_r01 on March 7, 2020

General Comment

After taking the lsat more than ones I just feel like the questions in the actual test are that straight forward or short :(

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Ravi on March 7, 2020

@Amanda_r01, how many times have you taken it? Stay patient, and you will definitely see progress as you continue through our curriculum and begin taking practice tests.

Amanda_r01 on March 8, 2020

Twice, back to back ( my mistake) But my comment is related to the example questions in the video lesson for logical reasoning. I feel that in the real test and the practice questions that we get after the video lesson, on the contrary to the sample ones in the video, the questions are longer and more complex. The video should break down different level of question compatibility.

Skylar on March 8, 2020

@Amanda_r01, thanks for letting us know; we will be sure to take your feedback into account.

This specific video lesson only covers Main Point questions, which tend to be more straightforward than the other types of questions seen in Logical Reasoning sections. Since a real LR section is a combination of different types of questions- some of which may build upon the concepts we try to establish early on in the program, it makes sense that you're seeing a difference in difficulty between the video lesson and the exam. Also, I believe that the variation in the problems discussed in the video and those left as practice problems allows students to gain experience in thinking through and understanding the concepts critically and in new ways, which is an important skill in tackling the LSAT and one that you likely already have a foundation in given your exposure to the exam. Understanding the main logical patterns- even in simple forms- will help to strengthen this foundation and create progress.

Nevertheless, if you are having any trouble working through a question in the practice problems for this section, please let us know and we would be happy to walk you through it!