Marcia: Not all vegetarian diets lead to nutritional deficiencies. Research shows that vegetarians can obtain a full...

Alex on March 8, 2020

Confused with B

Hello- I understand why A is the right answer, but regarding B: by not addressing the same claim, isn't Marcia also ignoring the results of research?

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Irina on March 9, 2020


Marcia never attempts to dispute the results of the research concluding that vegetarians can obtain all necessary nutrients from non animal foods. Marcia argues that vegetarianism could lead to nutritional deficiencies for an entirely different reason, as more people become vegetarians, some will lose their jobs and will not be able to afford a nutritionally adequate diet.

Rachel on July 11 at 04:54PM

Hi, I see that Marcia never disputes the results of the research, but she is ignoring it by not addressing it correct?