The author uses the word "immediacy" (line 39) most likely in order to express

cglee on March 10, 2020

Premise and Conclusion

I got this problem from Card Review section... P1: A==>B P2: ? C: not B==>C Ok, I see that after I wrote out the question I have "not B" from conclusion in common the "not B" contrapositive of P1. I wrote it out like this: not B==>not A==>C then I wrote it in what I believe to be the contrapositive: not C==>A==>B I made the assumption that the answer was "not C==>A based upon the previous question which was the same thing (see below) P1: X==>A P2: ? C: not A==>B again you have in common the "not A" from conclusion with the contrapositive of P1. I wrote out as such: not A==>not X==>B then I assumed the correct procedure was to rewrite it in reverse as such: not B==>X==>A The correct answer with the problem was "not B==>X" The correct answer in the first question is "not A==>C, I assumed incorrectly. What am I doing wrong?

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SamA on March 10, 2020

Hello @cglee,

You haven't done anything wrong! Remember that a contrapositive carries the exact same logic as its counterpart. They are interchangeable. So, when the correct answer to your first problem is listed as (not A - -> C), (not C - -> A) is also an acceptable answer. Usually, the flashcards will list both versions of the correct answer.

I wrote the same answer that you did for your second question: (not X - -> B). When I see that the listed answer is the contrapositive of my answer (not B - -> X), I know that I have answered the question correctly.