Which one of the following could be the toys included in the display?

SorooshKosha on March 10, 2020


Hello, I don't seem to be grasping why exactly one of I/p has to be in. I realize that there is only one spot left for any dinosaur to be out, but in that case, can't we also make the same dedication about the other dinosaurs? For instance, can't we also say that one of t/p has to be in? I'm a little confused on this deduction. Thanks in advance for the help

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SamA on March 10, 2020

Hello @SorooshKosha,

Good point, you could also infer that at least one of P/T has to be included, or the same inference about any set of two variables except U/V. So you understand why one of I/P has to be included, but you are asking why she focused on that particular deduction in the setup.

I believe she wrote that deduction down because it has a big effect on the setup. It reserves one of the non-mauve spaces for I/P. This becomes quite helpful on questions like #14 or #17. We are easily able to eliminate answers that fill both of those non-mauve spaces without including either I or P, as we know that these variables cannot go anywhere else.

P/T is not as helpful, because T does not have a color restriction. But, this inference ends up being very important on question #13 when the tyrannosaur is removed.

I don't blame you, I also didn't see that I/P inference at first, but I figured it out at some point while answering questions. I should have spent a minute longer making inferences. Something else I began to pay attention to was which dinosaurs were able to be mauve. With P, I, and S eliminated, I know I had to choose two of U/V, T, and L. This was helpful as well.

SorooshKosha on March 11, 2020

Okay that makes more sense now. Thanks a lot!

Ravi on March 19, 2020

@SorooshKosha, let us know if you have any other questions!