No projects that involve historical restorations were granted building permits this month. Since some of the current ...

on March 11, 2020

Please explain

How is this a valid argument because we do not know that they applied for any building permits this month? Current projects could be ones they are working on that got permits last month...

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on March 11, 2020

Hello @amf,

The argument is not trying to say that current project = granted permit this month. Rather, the connection is between historical restoration and permits granted this month.

"No projects that involve historical restorations (HR) were granted permits this month (GPTM)."

HR - -> not GPTM

We are told that some of the Stein and Sapin current projects do involve historical restorations. What can we conclude from this?

SS - - some - - HR - -> not GPTM

We know that some of Stein and Sapin's current projects were not granted permits this month. Which projects? Those that involve historical restorations.

We want to look for an answer choice with this format. A sufficient condition leads to a necessary condition. Some members of a group have the sufficient condition. Therefore some members of a group have the necessary condition. Answer choice D is the best match.

"None of the films released this season (RTS) were enthusiastically reviewed (ER)."

RTS - -> not ER

Several films by Hannah Barker (HB) were released this season (RTS).
HB - - some - - RTS - -> not ER

Therefore some films by Hannah Barker were not reviewed enthusiastically. Which films? Those released this season.