The passage most helps to answer which one of the following questions?

on March 13, 2020

Eighteenth Century

Hi! I chose E, which I understand is not entirely correct, but the reason why I didnt pick the correct answer is that it never says in the passage anything about the eighteenth century. Should I have inferred that this is the time period they were talking about when they discussed cathedrals being several hundred years old?

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Andrea on March 15, 2020

Hi @TimB,

The correct answer actually says nineteenth century, not eighteenth. That being said, you'll find the line references where this is talked about in the last paragraph of the passage! Lines 46 ("Until the nineteenth...") down to the end of the passage answer this question pretty directly. Take special note of the comparison made in line 55 that discuses the techniques today, as well ("Today, most window glass is made...")!

Hope this helps! This is a tough passage!

Megan on May 9, 2020

I don't understand that explanation. "Until the 19th century" would not include the 19th century, so wouldn't it make more sense that it answers the question of how glass was made in the 17th century, since that is before the 19th?

Megan on May 9, 2020

^ never mind, I understand!

on September 18 at 01:12PM

Why is E incorrect?