It can be inferred from the passage that the author would describe the method Lowe used to construct a step–by–step c...

Taiyou on March 14 at 02:12AM

Why B not A?

I do have taken notice that author says that “if there is a central flaw”. So why B not A?

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Andrea on March 15 at 04:11AM

Hi @DavidClimber,

Unfortunately, I'm having trouble seeing this question on my end. Are you able to tell what the test, section, and question number is? Then, I'd be happy to help you!

Ben on March 19 at 04:57PM

Hi DavidClimber, thanks for the question.

The reason that answer choice A is incorrect is that the author never once indicated nor said that Lowe's approach is daringly innovative. Additionally, he said if there is a central flaw, then the author expands on what that flaw might be. Lowe's method is not necessarily flawed.

Answer choice B is correct because the method by which Lowe conducted his study on the Mayan collapse is generally accepted. If we look at line 5, it says that previous investigators used the same methods. Additionally, the whole point of bringing up the "if there is a central flaw" portion is to make it clear that there are still some questions that need to be answered. In other words, "questionable".

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.