If one photograph in the Lifestyle section is by Gagnon and one is by Hue, then which one of the following must be true?

on March 14, 2020

Please explain the answer

Please explain the answer

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on March 14, 2020

Never mind, figured it out!

on March 15, 2020

@ChristianJM Keep up the good work!

on March 18, 2020

Please provide the question explanation

Ben on March 19, 2020

Hi Kassidee, sure thing.

Let's set this game up and write out the rules, so they can see how they interact to answer this question.

_ _ _

_ _ _

We know the following:
That G cannot go in S
That there is at least one photographer in common between L and M
The same number of H in L as F in S

This question gives us the following additional premises: G and H in L.

G _ _
H _ _

Because same number of H in L as F in S and G cannot go in S, then F and H must fill S

G _ F
H _ H

Additionally, there will be at least one G in M or one H in M by default to have at least one in common between L and M.

Answer choice D is correct here because it must be true that there is exactly 1 H in S

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions!