If one photograph in the Lifestyle section is by Gagnon and one is by Hue, then which one of the following must be true?

on March 14 at 02:26AM

Please explain the answer

Please explain the answer

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on March 14 at 02:43AM

Never mind, figured it out!

on March 15 at 12:53AM

@ChristianJM Keep up the good work!

on March 18 at 03:31AM

Please provide the question explanation

Ben on March 19 at 04:06PM

Hi Kassidee, sure thing.

Let's set this game up and write out the rules, so they can see how they interact to answer this question.

_ _ _

_ _ _

We know the following:
That G cannot go in S
That there is at least one photographer in common between L and M
The same number of H in L as F in S

This question gives us the following additional premises: G and H in L.

G _ _
H _ _

Because same number of H in L as F in S and G cannot go in S, then F and H must fill S

G _ F
H _ H

Additionally, there will be at least one G in M or one H in M by default to have at least one in common between L and M.

Answer choice D is correct here because it must be true that there is exactly 1 H in S

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions!