Municipal legislator: The mayor proposes that the city accept a lighting company's gift of several high- tech streetl...

gharibiannick on March 15, 2020

need clarification

I got the question correct but after reading I wondered whats wrong with A? unfounded vs problematic ?

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AndreaK on March 15, 2020

Hi @gharibiannick,

If you read closely, A and B are actually saying different things. Though the differences may seem inconsequential, on the LSAT, success takes getting very specific with the answer choices.

The mayor’s proposal to accept street lights seems okay to the municipal legislator. His conclusion is the second sentence, and his evidence for that conclusion follows it. You’re right about answer choice B—it gets to the right idea pretty well! However, answer choice A is saying something else.

Answer choice A is talking about some people’s fear. The conclusion is about the mayor’s proposal of accepting street lights. We don’t know if their fears are valid or unfounded, we only know that the municipal legislator doesn’t see the same ulterior motive they do.

Hope this helps!

gharibiannick on March 17, 2020

thank you. your response helped

Ravi on March 17, 2020

@gharibiannick, let us know if you have any other questions!