Beads were used as currency for centuries. But why beads? The striking fact about many objects that have been used as...

Milica Gligic on March 16, 2020

Why is answer choice B wrong?

I am not sure how B is different from C. Is it that it implies causation ? I narrowed it down to B and C, but ultimately chose the wrong one on both timed and untamed session. Thanks!

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SamA on March 16, 2020

Hello @Milica Gligic,

My problem with answer choice B is the concept of "transferring." The author never says that an object's use as currency was transferred to another object, like from feathers to beads. Even if we do accept this explanation, it only says that the secondary use "can" be transferred to the other object. Answer choice C is better because it tells us that objects with the same original use are "likely" to have the same derivative use.

The author has simply established a trend. Many objects used as currency were first used as decoration. From this, the author concludes that it is unsurprising that beads became a currency, as they were previously used as decoration. C tells us that this trend is likely to apply to beads.