Consumer advocate: The introduction of a new drug into the marketplace should be contingent upon our having a good...

Henleys on March 19, 2020

Some help with this one

Hello, I chose B. Why A? Just want to know how you think through it! Thanks

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Annie on March 19, 2020

Hi @Henleys,

This question is asking you to find the answer choice which most strengthens the argument. With these types of questions, I like to begin by trying to figure out what the argument is lacking to begin with. Here, there is an odd jump from talking about the "newly marketed antihistamine" in sentence 2 to the conclusion that all "new drugs that are being tested" should be slowed down. To strengthen the argument, you're going to want to find an answer choice that helps bridge this disconnect.

Answer (A) is correct because it does just that. It explains why the fact that the social impact of the antihistamine being unclear should slow down production of other new drugs. The answer choice tells us that's because the social impact of those other drugs is even less understood than the antihistamine.

Answer (B) is incorrect because it doesn't connect the two ideas. This answer choice just tells us that the social impact of SOME new drugs is not understood, but doesn't put it into perspective in terms of the antihistamine, and doesn't tell us how many drugs are misunderstood. Some can be as few as one, so this could mean very little.

Henleys on March 20, 2020

Thank you, @Annie,! That was really helpful!

Ravi on March 20, 2020

@Henleys, let us know if you have any other questions!