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Austin on March 22 at 11:01PM

Diag. Method

Is there another video available to watch with a diag. method that does not include the greater than symbols? I feel like they would be a point of confusion on test day for me.

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on March 23 at 07:26PM

Hello @Austin17,

The videos will all use the same method of diagramming. However, there isn't one correct way to do it, as long as you are consistent and you accurately represent the logic involved. Within those parameters, you are welcome to diagram in any way that makes the most sense to you.

I am not sure where you are seeing the greater-than symbol, it could be with conditional reasoning or with sequencing. For conditional reasoning (sufficient and necessary), I would continue to use the arrow.

A ----> B

Digitally, we use the greater-than symbol to make the arrow, but it is pretty easy to see that we aren't saying A is greater than B. On your scratch paper, you will simply draw an arrow. I don't think this will cause confusion.

I do understand your concern when it comes to sequencing. Consider this rule: "X is before Y and Y is before Z."

Some people might diagram this as: X > Y > Z

However, I prefer to use a dash to represent sequencing: X - Y - Z

This just makes more sense to me personally. That way, I can reserve the greater-than symbol for certain rules. For example, if I was given this rule in a grouping game: "Jimmy has more marbles than Tina."

I could write: J > T

I support personalization when it comes to approaching the test. You know best how you understand certain things, so you are free to make adjustments. Just make sure you understand the basics first.