There are about 75 brands of microwave popcorn on the market; altogether, they account for a little over half of the ...

Henleys on March 24, 2020

Could you explain?

I thought E?

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SamA on March 24, 2020

Hey @Henleys,

Here is what we know.

1. 75 brands of microwave popcorn make most of the money from microwave food product sales.
2. Microwave popcorn takes three minutes to pop.

Let's talk about E. Note that there is a difference between the amount of products and the amount of sales money. Which of these do we have information about? Amount of sales money. The 75 microwave popcorn brands account for most of it. There could be 1,000 other microwave food products. As long as they account for less than half of the market, this does not contradict the passage. E does not have to be true.

Think about D. We know that microwave popcorn owns most of the market share. From this alone, we can conclude that microwaved foods that take 3 minutes or less to cook make most of the money.

There is a lot of information in this passage that ends up being irrelevant. The key is to extract the important information. Think about what you can say for certain as you read the passage. Must be true questions are all about connecting premises to form solid conclusions. Answer choice D must be true based on the two premises I listed above.