Since there is no survival value in an animal's having an organ that is able to function when all its other organs ha...

@alexaanders on March 27, 2020

Main Point confusion

I'm still having a really hard time distinguishing what the main point is... Do you have any suggestions or classifications that could help me identify the conclusion better?

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shunhe on March 28, 2020

Hi @alexaanders,

Thanks for the question! For some reason, I can’t see if you’re talking about a specific question, but I assume you’re talking about identifying the conclusion and main point in logical reasoning questions in general. This is definitely something that comes with time, but the way I like to think about it is to kind of structure the argument in my head and see what sentences are supporting what other sentences and to try to trace the logical flow of the argument. Any sentence that looks like it’s providing evidence and is unsupported (just kind of asserted) is going to be a premise. This could be the results of some research, for example. A sentence that is being supported by other sentences, but isn’t itself supporting any other sentence, is going to be to be the main conclusion of the argument. Don’t be too focused on where in the passage the sentence is—the main point can be in the first sentence, last sentence, or the middle of the sentence. And though words like “therefore” can be helpful, they can also be misleading sometimes. What really matters is the logical flow of the argument.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any further questions that you might have, or to ask about specific issues with identifying the conclusion you have.