A professor of business placed a case–study assignment for her class on her university's computer network. She later ...

DavidW on March 28, 2020

Printing pages and relation to printed books

Hi LSATMax! This question threw me off a bit with automatically equating printing pages from a computer with a printed book. What if, no matter if they printed the pages or not, people still preferred to have the files sent to them via computer for ease and convenience? They might choose to print it, but they would still prefer that than having to take the steps necessary to acquire a printed book. Because of that, I switched my answer to from B to C, because that seemed like the only choice that could possibly address that issue. Could you elaborate on how printing pages automatically equates to the printed book industry?

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Skylar on March 29, 2020

@DavidW, happy to help!

(C) is incorrect because it does not explicitly connect the problem of impaired vision to the solution of using printed books. What if those afflicted suffer through reading material on the computer without remedy? What if there are only a few people who get impaired vision (remember, "some" means "at least one, possibly all")? What if impaired vision takes years to develop and those suffering don't realize/take steps to address it? All (C) tells us is that reading on the computer creates a problem for some people, but it does not necessarily make the jump to printed books as the solution to this problem. Making that jump would require outside assumptions both about the number that "some" refers to and about how the problem is addressed. Since we are looking for the strongest support, (C) is incorrect.

The passage refers to a printed assignment in order to make a conclusion about printed books, and you seemed to hesitate about this disconnect. This is a good thing to be wary of and something we should look to fix with our correct answer choice. As we see, answer choice (B) refers to "reading material," which expands the topic to include both books and assignments, thereby helping to better connect the passage's premises to its conclusion. Therefore, (B) offers strong support and is our correct answer choice.

Does that make sense? Please let us know if you have any other questions and best of luck with your studies!