Farmer: My neighbor claims that my pesticides are spreading to her farm in runoff water, but she is wrong. I use only...

shafieiava on March 29, 2020

D and C

Can someone explain why D is wrong and C is correct? I was choosing between the two and mistakenly eliminated C because I thought that she had addressed the claim in the first sentence where she says my neighbor claims that my pesticides are spreading to her farm. Can someone point me towards where my rationale has gone astray here? Thanks in advance.

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BenMingov on March 29, 2020

Hi Shafieiava, thanks for the question.

I completely get your point here. It seems like the first sentence is addressing the claim directly. However, if we actually look at what's going on, the only thing that the farmer did was bring up the issue and then say that the neighbor is wrong.

The farmer's reasoning consisted of saying that his pesticides are organic, that they aren't harmful, and that he/she tries to avoid spraying on land. But none of this reasoning actually discusses the fact that the neighbor claims it is being spread to her farm through water runoff.

Bringing up the issue in this way does not actually address it.

Answer choice D would be wrong because the farmer doesn't need to provide an alternate explanation for how the pesticides are spreading onto the farmer's land. For all we know, the farmer adamantly denies any spread of pesticide, especially through water runoff. Providing another method for this spread would be counter to their point.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions!