Which one of the following most accurately identifies the attitude shown by the author in the passage toward talk–story?

David on March 29, 2020

Why is A correct?

Hi LSATMax! Could you please elaborate on why A is the correct answer? Thank you!

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Andrea on March 30, 2020

Hi @DavidW,

This is a hard passage! We want to look for author’s attitude, which we can find in a number of places. One common space author’s attitude hides is in adverbs. Another is adjectives. Descriptive language in general is often an attitude give-away we want to look out for.

In lines 10-11, the author refers to talk story as highly developed.
In lines 20-21, talk story is referred to as a “fully established, sophisticated oral culture.”
In lines 21-22, the passage says talk story is “already ancient and capable of producing masterpieces.”

As we can see from those line references, the author admires the art of talk story. So answer choice A....

“Scholarly appreciation for its longstanding (already ancient) artistic (masterpieces) sophistication (highly developed) (fully established, sophisticated oral culture)”

Makes sense!

Hope this helps. Feel free to let us know if you have anymore questions!