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LillCarr on March 31, 2020

Game 5

The rules state that Jerry drives on W or S or both "AND MAY DRIVE ON OTHER DAYS." In the acceptability question one of the answer choices was eliminated because Jerry didn't drive on W or S. I am confused because it does state that he can drive on other days. Please clarify.

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Skylar on March 31, 2020

@Cammy, happy to help.

Rule #4 states: "Jerry drives on Wednesday or Saturday or both, and he may also drive on other days."

We should note that this is a two-part rule, as indicated by the comma followed by the word "and." The two parts are as follows:
(1) Jerry drives on Wednesday or Saturday or both
(2) Jerry may ALSO drive on other days

So, this rule tells us that Jerry must drive on at least one of Wednesday or Saturday. In addition (see the word "also" in the rule) to fulfilling at least one of these spots, Jerry could drive on other days. However, it would be a violation of this rule for Jerry to only drive on other days without filling either a Wednesday or a Saturday spot.

Does that make sense? Please let us know if you have any other questions and best of luck with your studies!