Which one of the following is an element of the author's attitude toward foreign collectors of terra-cotta sculptures...

on March 31, 2020


Please explain how the answer is B. Thank you.

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on April 4, 2020

Hello @ChristianJM,

Although the author laments the "pillaging" of this cultural site, she never says anything negative about the foreign collectors themselves. I will direct you to some "tone words" in this passage that reveal the author's attitude.

First, the author finds these terra-cotta sculptures to be "wonderful" (line 2). This is the kind of word you need to look out for, because it is clear what the author's opinion is.

Second, the author states that the foreign collectors "rightly admired" the sculptures (line 8). She is saying that they are justified in their appreciation of these pieces, which is the strongest support for answer choice B. "Rightly" is a tone word that I see in a lot of passages, so keep an eye out for this one as well.