In the passage, the author discusses primary substances mainly in order to

on April 1, 2020

b vs.d

What make b the better answer over d? It seems like b is just the more simple answer and d is going into more specifics about what secondary substances are?

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on April 4, 2020

Hello @kassidee,

With this question type, we really need to think about the author's purpose for including the statement in question. It's not only what the statement does, but why the author chose to include it. Answer choice D might be true, but is the author's goal to emphasize the great diversity of chemicals in plants? No. It is about differentiating primary and secondary chemicals, and answer choice D doesn't even mention secondary chemicals. B is better because it fits the purpose of the first paragraph. The author is introducing secondary substances, which will be the topic of the remaining paragraphs.

on September 29, 2020

Amazing Ravi! Thank you man!