Most lecturers who are effective teachers are eccentric, but some noneccentric lecturers are very effective teachers....

gharibiannick on April 6, 2020


Effective Teacher-Most-ECC NotECC-Some-Effective Teacher Effective Teacher-GC Combine statements 2 and 3: NotECC-Some-ET-GC NotECC-Some-GC my question now is, how do we go from the statement above to concluding that some GC are ECC? I know some statements are reversible but this one has a "NOT"

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SamA on April 12, 2020

Hello @gharibiannick,

You diagrammed this correctly, but I think you missed the connection between your statement 1 and your statement 3.

This gives us two characteristics of effective teachers.
1. Most of them are eccentric.
2. All of them are good communicators.

Effective Teacher --- most --- eccentric
Effective Teacher --------------> good communicator

When we have a "most" statement and an "all" statement about the same group, we know they are going to overlap. Some people will be eccentric and good communicators. Which people? Most effective teachers. This is the support for answer choice A.