The passage most strongly suggests that which one of the following is true of secondary substances in plants?

DavidW on April 7, 2020


Hi LSATMax! The word recent threw me off here. Did I miss that in the passage, or should I just assume it could be recent because its always changing?

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SamA on April 12, 2020

Hello @DavidW,

I'm not crazy about the use of "recent" in answer choice A either, but it is a small problem compared to the flaws in the other answer choices. Sometimes, we do have to be flexible with word choice on reading comp questions. They will use a lot of rough synonyms in the answer choices that don't perfectly match the passage. We have to accept this at times when it doesn't seriously change the meaning.

I do see some support for A on line 20, which suggests that these secondary substances "continue to appear" as a result of genetic mutation. This is enough for us to reasonably accept the word "recent" in answer choice A.