Given the information in the passage, which one of the following is most analogous to the evolution of Latin American... on April 10, 2020

I picked E and it was wrong. Please explain. Thanks

Hi I picked E and it was wrong. Please explain. I thought Latin American poets never conforms to a language standard which is analogous to E since it never takes any pictures while anticipating annual vacations. I didn't pick A though A is correct because I thought A simply adds new recipes into existing recipe which Spanish poets also do but to a lesser extent. Please explain why E is wrong and A is correct. Thank you

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Annie on April 11, 2020


I think you may have misread the question here. The question asks which answer choice is analogous to the "evolution" of Latin American poetry. This means you are looking for the answer choice which reflects the growth of Latin American poetry over time.

Answer (A) is correct because it mimics Latin American poetry's growth over time. Latin American poetry started by bringing Spanish poetry to the Americas (lines 10-15). Then, it slowly developed its own form by incorporating other influences (lines 3-6, lines 39-44). It thus is analogous to the answer choice because it moved to a new place and incorporated other influences.

Answer (E) is incorrect because it does not reflect the "evolution" of the poetry. While you may be able to say the form of Latin American poetry is like this family's vacation, that is not about its evolution. on April 11, 2020

Thank you!