Each major earthquake in this region has been preceded by a series of minor tremors. Since the region has recently ex...

Marissa-Avnaim on April 12, 2020


Can someone please explain this question? Thank you!

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BenMingov on April 12, 2020

Hi Marissa, thanks for the question

This is a Parallel question that requires us to match the sufficient/necessary reasoning in the passage with the correct answer choice.

The argument states that:

Major earthquake in region -> Preceded by series of minor tremors

It concludes:

Preceded by a series of minor tremors -> Major earthquake in region

This conclusion is a reversal of the information provided in the premises.

Answer choice E does the exact same thing.

Local outbreaks of this disease among humans -> Detection of high infection rates among local wildlife

Therefore, detection of high infection rates among local wildlife -> local outbreak of this disease among humans.

Same reversal.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions!