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avif on April 12, 2020

Example two (and other examples explained in videos)

I notice that even when the correct answer is one of the first choices you still go through the other answers to make sure that you are correct. Would you say that this is a good strategy when doing lsats or does this take up too much time? While it may help to be certain to eliminate other answers or mistakes, the timing may be affected because of this.

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BenMingov on April 12, 2020

Hi Avif,

I think this (as with most other strategy related ideas on the LSAT) is preference dependent.

Myself, I go through all answer choices and I know this to be true of every single other high scorer that I have spoken with or learned from. I think it is useful to go through each answer choice just to be sure that you didn't miss a one word difference between statements that would make or break your search for the right answer. The subtleties in LR and RC are notable. In my opinion, that's the greatest reason for going through each answer choice. Just to be sure that you don't read a tempting answer choice in A, pick it and move on, only to realize D was better because it hit the nail on the head.

As you improve, you will spend far less time on incorrect answer choices. You will know which answer choice is 99% right, skim the others to ensure you are correct, and then move on. This is optimal, IMO.

As for LG, it is so clearly right vs wrong as far as the answer choices go that picking the correct answer and moving on is in your best interest. Creating diagrams to disprove incorrect answer choices is a waste of time.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

avif on April 13, 2020

That makes sense. I guess I will get a better sense of things as I practice more.