The author of the passage would be most likely to agree with which one of the following statements?

HannahNg on April 16, 2020

More explanation pls

how is this answer correct? Doesn't the author agree that you need a shared culture to be a nation?

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SamA on April 21, 2020

Hello @HannahNg,

The correct answer is B. The author would most likely agree that, "Territorial sovereignty is not a prerequisite for the project of nation building."

In other words, a nation does not need a sovereign piece of land in order to be considered a nation. I found support for this in the long sentence beginning on line 50. The author discusses a type of nationalism that lacks a specific territory, but does have a shared culture and historical roots. So, you might have a point that shared culture is necessary for a nation. However, this does not prevent answer choice B from being correct. The author still believes that territorial sovereignty is not necessary for a nation.