Which one of the following could be a sentence in the word game?

Vpoland14 on April 16, 2020


This question is very confusing, I could use some further guidance on how to approach it. Understanding the rules and applying them is the most difficult part.

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SamA on April 21, 2020

Hello @VPoland,

This is an unusual game, but it's important to understand the "LSAT language," because you might come across some similar rules. I'll try to translate these rules in a way that is easier to understand.

First, we've established in the stimulus that words can be nonsensical. Also, a word must contain more than 3 letters.

Rule one: The words have to be in alphabetical order from left to right. This eliminates A, as "bleak" should come before "bzeak." "Pea" also has only 3 letters.

Rule two is a little more difficult to understand. Only one of three changes can be made from one word to the next: add one letter, delete one letter, or replace one letter. If you consider answer choice C, you will see that that "dteam" to "gleam" has two replacements, making it invalid. Only one word can be different. C is eliminated. I'll make an example of some possible correct changes, starting with "dteam."
Addition: dteams
Deletion: team
Replacement: steam

You probably didn't have a problem with rule three. At most three of the five words begin with the same letter, so E is eliminated as 4 of them begin with "f." Note that this rule becomes very important on the "starting letter of the first word" question. It can't be Z, because then the 5 words would start with Z - Z - Z - Z - Z.

The final rule adds another caveat to the second rule. It says that the same change cannot be made twice in a row. If the transition from word 1 to word 2 featured an addition, then an addition cannot be made between 2 and 3. Take a look at answer choice D. Do you see the same change used consecutively? Reed - Seed - Seeg has two consecutive replacements, so D is eliminated.

This leaves us only with answer choice B, which is the correct answer. The order of the words in B is as follows:
1 - replacement - 2 - deletion - 3 - replacement - 4 - addition - 5