The passage provides the strongest support for inferring that Lessing holds which one of the following views?

kens on April 19, 2020

example 5

testing to see if mb works

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kens on April 19, 2020

I didn't quite understand what "who can be expected to know" meant in the paragraph. Also, I didn't understand why S&N for answer choice A is LSA---->B, instead of, not LSA--->not B? How do we know when to negate the sentence?

kens on April 19, 2020

i still have hard time posting questions on message board even after deleting cahce/cookies. I have a separate question on Paradox lecture. example #5: I don't quite understand why B is the correct answer. I choice A because, given that smoking in bed has long been the main cause of home fires and people are unlikely to die from it, the statement does not resolve the discrepancy. Wouldn't B support the fact that no comparable decline in people killed in home fires?

kens on April 22, 2020

I don't understand the difference between:
not R---->P, not P--->R


P--->not R

For the either or statement I don't how to distinguish between either A or B or both from either A or B but not both. Also, how do we know if the sentence is indicating either A or B or not both (A---> not B, B---->not A)/? Thanks in advance.