Which one of the following is a possible assignment of runners to lanes by the charity they represent?

Masada on April 19, 2020

hello may i please get some help on this set up

how i set it up was LNOPS 12345 - - - - - AND WHEN I READ THE RESTRICTIONS I AM WAY OFF

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SamA on April 24, 2020

Hello @Masada,

Happy to help! This is a pretty standard multi-linear game. Think of it this way. Each lane is going to have two characteristics: a runner and a charity. We are going to make a line for each, and we do not know the order of either line.

Runners: L N O P S
Charities: F G H J K

Our basic setup will look like this:

R _ _ _ _ _
C _ _ _ _ _
1 2 3 4 5

Rule 1 allows us to place charity K in lane 4.

R _ _ _ _ _
C _ _ _ K _
1 2 3 4 5

Rule two gives us something like this:
This is an important rule. How many places can this F/P/G block be placed? There are only two options. P must be in either lane 4 or lane 2. I am going to make a diagram for each.

R _ O _ P _
C _ _ F K G
1 2 3 4 5


R _ P _ O _
C G _ F K _
1 2 3 4 5

Rule 3 gives us this: O _ _ G or G _ _ O (I have already factored this into the above diagrams. This is how I solved the uncertainty with F/G)

Rule 4: N - S
S can't be lane 1
N can't be lane 5

This should be enough for you to get started.

natiakadkho on July 11 at 04:16AM

Hi regarding rule #2 I thought it was only necessary to put P between F and G (not having one space between) instead of F/G_G/F. Am I missing something? Because P is still between F/G or is that P is the ONLY one between F/G?

Emil-Kunkin on July 17 at 01:28AM

The rule tells us that it must be assigned to "the only" lane between F and G.