Which one of the following pairs of terms would most likely be used by the authors of passage A and passage B, respec...

shafieiava on April 20, 2020

Answer choice D

Can someone explain why answer choice D is incorrect? I particularly struggled with seeing how the author of passage B could be described as being “admirable” over the situation presented in the stimulus. Perhaps wanting to make more money means that you want to create more value and that may be “admirable.” But this seems like such a stretch... Can someone explain their thought process here and why “admirable” works as a description? Thanks in advance.

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SamA on April 26, 2020

Hello @shafieiava,

The support for "admirable" comes from the last paragraph. Author B disputes the idea that those who seek to earn more than their neighbors are "ignoble." Instead of calling it rivalry, author B understands this tendency as a desire to create value. But why is it admirable? Because it benefits society. This line is the most important.