Eight large craters run in a long straight line across a geographical region. Although some of the craters contain ro...

natnabila on April 21, 2020

How is volcanic activity not a natural cause?

Reiterating Maria's question: How is volcanic activity not a natural cause?

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SamA on April 23, 2020

Hello @natnabila,

I'll copy my response to Maria here!

I agree that volcanic activity would be considered a natural cause, but answer choice B never claims that it isn't. Note that B says "meteorite craters." It has nothing to do with volcanoes. It basically states that we have no known explanation for how eight meteors could strike the earth at different times and form a straight line of craters. Remember that our goal is to support the theory that volcanic activity formed these craters. B casts further doubt on the meteor theory, which strengthens the theory that volcanic activity was responsible.

You treated answer choice B as if it said "craters" in general, even though it was specifically referring to "meteorite craters." Make sure to consider the specific wording of each answer choice.

frederickliu on December 28, 2022

thanks! that actually really helps. DETAILS...