If Patterson meets with Sanchez the hour before she meets with Yansky, then each of the following could be true EXCEPT:

on April 21 at 05:34PM

How do you get to this

I got the first few questions right, but was confused how to get this one

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Ben on April 23 at 03:03AM

Hi iabdullah, thanks for reaching out.

This additional premise would result in a fixed order between SYw. All consecutive.

We know that T comes after workout. So this is amended to SYw - T.

Additionally, from our rules, we also know U-R.

Since Y must accommodate both the workout and T after it, it cannot be placed fifth. (5:00)

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you'd like me to elaborate further.

on May 4 at 07:56PM

If the rule is that Y must come before or immediately after W then wouldn't 5:00 work for Y because you could put W before at 4:00 and then S at 3:00?


Ben on May 8 at 03:22AM

Hi Anchelle, thanks for the question.

The additional premise for this specific question makes it such that S is immediately before Y. This would eliminate the possibility that W goes in between S and Y.

Please let me know if that clears things up!