The result of attempting to whip cream in a blender is a thick, velvety substance rather than fluffy whipped cream. T...

shafieiava on April 22, 2020

Answer choice D

Can someone explain why answer choice D is incorrect and B is correct? I was choosing between the two and ended up choosing D because I thought the premises about air in the blender were enough to support this answer choice.

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Annie on April 22, 2020

Hi @shafieiava,

This question is asking you to find the answer choice which must be true given the statements provided. With questions like this, it can be helpful to break the argument down into it's component parts:

Premise: Whipping cream in a blender results in a thick substance rather than fluffy whipped cream because it doesn't let enough air in.
Premise: Using a whipped cream attachment can help "somewhat" but can't fully compensate.
Conclusion: ??

Answer (D) is incorrect because it doesn't follow logically from the premises provided. We know that whipping cream in a blender doesn't work but that using an attachment can help "somewhat." Answer (D) tells us that using an attachment reduces the amount of air needed to whip cream effectively. This is entirely new information, and thus we do not know that it "must be true" based on the premises provided.

Answer (B) is correct because it puts together the information in the premises to form a conclusion. We know that a whipped cream attachment only helps "somewhat." This means that it doesn't make perfect whipped cream, of "does not suffice to whip cream completely effectively."