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Anna20 on April 22, 2020

Sequencing Games: Practice

Hi Team Very grateful if you could kindly confirm if there is a list of the past LSAT exams in which sequencing games occur, and the section/question numbers for each of these? Many thanks Anna

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BenMingov on April 23, 2020

Hi Anna, thanks for reaching out.

Sequencing games are the simpler, less complicated version of linear and multi linear games. They arise every so often but they do provide a good foundation for a lot of the rules and ideas present in linear games. So while practicing these on their own is a good idea, make sure to also focus broadly on linear and multi linear games as well; as these are far more common and come up between 1-4 times per test!

I'm not sure there is a resource listing every single sequencing game. However, here are the ones that I have seen thus far.

PT 1, Game 3
PT 2, Game 1
PT 4, Game 1
PT 6, Game 2
PT 10, Game 1
PT 33, Game 1
PT 38, Game 1
PT 43, Game 2
PT 48, Game 2
PT 51, Game 4
PT 52, Game 1
PT 53, Game 2
PT 55, Game 3
PT 61, Game 2
PT 71, Game 1
PT 73, Game 1
PT 75, Game 3
PT 83, Game 2
PT 84, Game 1

I hope this helps!