If you study history, then you will appreciate the vast differences among past civilizations, and you will appreciate...

Steven on April 22 at 09:49PM

Trying to figure out the error in the reasoning

What error is being committed? I usually try to find a flaw when I do these and then use it to to cross-Out those not matching. Had a hard time finding it.

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Ben on April 22 at 10:15PM

Hi Henleys, thanks for the question.

This is a sufficient/necessary error going from the premises to the conclusion.

There are two sufficient/necessary statements made in the premises.

Study history -> Appreciate vast differences among past civilizations

Reflect on your own civilization -> Appreciate vast differences among past civilizations

These statements on their own are fine. But it is the conclusion that follows from these two statements that is highly questionable.

Study history -> Reflect on your own civilization

Somehow a connection was drawn between these two terms when there was absolutely none to be found. This is the error.

If you examine B, you will notice it commits the same error.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions or if you would like me to elaborate further!

on June 13 at 10:57PM

Doesn't E show a similar flaw, in that it makes a connection between two necessary conditions?