The second sentence of the passage functions primarily in which one of the following ways?

zia305 on April 24, 2020

Right answer explanation?

Can someone please explain why A is right answer?

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SamA on May 5, 2020

Hello @zia305,

Before looking at the answer choices, I labeled that second sentence as "context." It explains the social/political climate from which the actos were created. The word "context" never appeared in the answer choices, but it is still helpful to make a prediction of your own before looking at the answers. Why does the author introduce the worldwide boycott of grapes?

There are two parts to answer choice A.
1. It explains the motivation of those who developed the first actos
2. It was an important aspect of their subject matter.

Can we consider the grape strike to be motivation? I would say yes. Valdez approached Chavez to suggest using theater to organize farm workers (lines 9-10). Valdez wasn't just making actos for fun. They had a purpose. This fulfills the motivation part of A.

What about subject matter? Consider line 21: "He asked people to illustrate what happened on the picket lines, and the less timid in the audience delighted in acting out their ridicule of the strikebreakers." We have a specific example of the strike as the subject of the early actos. This is enough for us to conclude that A is correct.