Which one of the following could be a pair of people whose arrangements are identical?

Edunn on April 26, 2020


Can someone help me figure out how to answer this question?

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Skylar on April 26, 2020

@Edunn, happy to help!

We can set up the game as follows:

S: R R __ __
T: H G __ __
U: R H H __
W: G G __ __
Z: H R __ __

We get this setup from transcribing the rules. We also assigned a second H to U because of the 5th rule which states only Z has exactly one H and exactly one R. Since U originally had exactly one R and at least one H, we added another H so that it would not break Rule 5 by copying Z.

To build on this setup, we also know that each person must have exactly one pair of the same type of flower (because each has four spots and three types of flowers). T and Z are the only two arrangements missing their pair, so the double lily discussed in Rule 6 will be assigned to one of them.

In this specific question, we are tasked with identifying a pair of people who could have matching arrangements.
- (A) is incorrect because Rule 1 tells us that S is the only person with two Rs.
- (B) is incorrect for the same reason that (A) is.
- (C) is correct. T and W could both have an arrangement of: H G G L without violating any rules.
- (D) is incorrect because we have already established that U = R R H, so it only has one open spot left. Rule 4 tells us that W already has G G in two of its four spots, so for these two people to match, their arrangements would need to be R R H G G, which requires more than four spots.
- (E) is incorrect because in order for W and Z to match, their arrangements would both have to be G G H R. This would violate Rule 5, which states that Z is the only person with exactly one H and exactly one R.

If you are having trouble with any of the other questions from this game, a walkthrough is posted on the message board of the last question.

Does that make sense? Please let us know if you have any additional questions!