Yu: The menu at Jason's Restaurant states that no food served there contains products grown with chemical pesticides,...

mkesh on April 30, 2020


Hi! would I be able to get an explanation for this one, please? I am a little lost and can't understand how C undermines the argument. thank you!

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SamA on May 6, 2020

Hello @mkesh,

We know that Jason buys produce from Kelly's Grocery. We also know that Kelly's Grocery buys some products from MegaFarm, all of which were exposed to pesticides.

The key word here is "some." Just because Kelly's received one delivery of pesticide-crops, can we say for certain that Jason bought them? No, because it is also possible that Kelly's stocks produce without chemical pesticides. The passage never says that "all" of Kelly's produce comes from MegaFarm. Only "some" products come from MegaFarm. This is a weakness in the argument that we can exploit.

Answer choice C has less to do with labels, and more to do with confirming the fact that Kelly's does indeed stock non-pesticide produce! With the label, Jason would be able to choose this produce and fulfill his promise to the customers.

Sometimes it helps to criticize an argument before looking at the answer choices. It can reveal some ways with which you can weaken it.