Pundit: It is good to have national leaders voted out of office after a few years. The reason is that reforms are gen...

Kyle on May 2 at 10:14PM

What is the difference between C and E

Why can't C work?

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on May 9 at 05:32PM

Hello @kyleprzy10,

A key phrase in the second sentence is "the reason." This is like saying "because," in that it introduces a premise. The second sentence is a premise in support of the first sentence. Premises support conclusions, and not the other way around.

Conclusion: It is good to have national leaders voted out every few years.
Premise: Because reforms are generally undertaken early in a new government.

Note that the first sentence does not support any other part of the passage. This is the mark of a main conclusion, even if subsidiary conclusions are present.

Another clue here is the word "good." This is a matter of opinion, which is often the language of a conclusion. A statement that something is good, bad, should be done, or should not be done will usually indicate a conclusion.